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🔥5 Winners ~ File Streams LTD + "Ask The Founder" Giveaway Offcial Discussion Thread🎁

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Upload And Share Unlimited Files On Cloud Storage

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⭕What is File Streams?

✅File Streams is a file hosting provider. It offers online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools 

✅ File Streams is your affordable cloud storage and backup site wher you can upload and share unlimited files on cloud storage

It aims to cut down your storage costs as well as provide Scalable Solutions to store your important files and documents

🎁How to win this giveaway❓🎁

▶ Five giveaway prizes to be won

x1 File Streams Tier 1 LTD ($49/lifetime)
x1 File Streams Tier 1 LTD ($49/lifetime)
x1 File Streams Tier 1 LTD ($49/lifetime)
x1 File Streams Tier 2 LTD ($69/lifetime)
x1 File Streams Tier 3 LTD ($109/lifetime)

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  3. Comment File Streams with a creative GIF 
  4. Ask any questions related to File Streams for founder Arpit Kanstiya
  5. You can ask more than one question. The more the merrier!
  6.  Don't say things like "I love this app!" or "I like to win this!"
  7.  Ask question(s) and win. Go go go!
  8.  Go ahead to Ask And Win!
  9. Winners will be chosen based on your questions (OR comment, review, feedback, suggestion) AND/OR by random draw.
  10. The more helpful or insightful your comments the better your chances of winning!
  11. Winners will be announced in two weeks

⭕Killer Features

Scalable Cloud Storage with File Editing Features (WebDAV)

✅ WebDAV Access with File Editing Feature

✅ Support for Real-time Excel and Word Files Editing on PC with Sync

✅ Multi File Uploader

✅ In Built Document Viewer and Media Player 

✅ File Privacy and Sharing

✅ Drag & Drop Upload

✅ File Statistics

✅ Trash Can

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