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🔥10 Winners ~ Promotee FB Live  + "Ask The Founder" Giveaways  - Official Discussion Thread🎁

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Grow your business with Reddit automation and get 30% higher response rates!

✅ Deal Link:

⭕What is Promotee?

✅ Promotee is an automation tool that helps Reddit marketers to find relevant, engaged, and active people in their target subreddits effortlessly


✅ A Reddit Marketing tool that automates your process of generating, engaging and connecting with leads.

✅ It boosts their response rate to 30% and reduces their time & effort spent in finding leads.

✅ Similar to: Howitzer, Apollo, Lusha, Salesrobot

✅ Best for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, SMEs, Digital Marketers, and Agencies who want to market their business on Reddit.

 🎁How to win this giveaway❓🎁

✅Part 1: At Facebook Live Session (Total 5 prizes)

▶ Five giveaway prizes to be won

x1 Plan A (Basic) LTD ($49/lifetime)
x1 Plan A (Basic) LTD ($49/lifetime)
x1 Plan A (Basic) LTD ($49/lifetime)
x1 Plan A (Basic) LTD ($49/lifetime)
x1 Plan B (Premium) LTD ($97/lifetime)

▶  Join FB Live Session here: TBA (link will be provided later)

▶ 🕙10 pm UTC+8/7.30 pm IST/9 am EST/3 pm CET

▶ 📅 Wednesday, 1  February 2023

✅Part 2: At Facebook group post here (Total 5 prizes)

▶ Five giveaway prizes to be won

x1 Plan A (Basic) LTD ($49/lifetime)
x1 Plan A (Basic) LTD ($49/lifetime)
x1 Plan B (Premium) LTD ($97/lifetime)
x1 Plan B (Premium) LTD ($97/lifetime)
x1 Plan B (Premium) LTD ($97/lifetime)

  1. Simply join the giveaway by checking out the tool here 
  2. Sign up for a free account:
  3. Subscribe to Download Silo YouTube channel and Like/Comment on any of the videos.
  4. Comment I 💖using Promotee for my Reddit marketing with a creative GIF 
  5. Ask any questions related to Promotee for founder Bahauddin Aziz
  6. You can ask more than one question. The more the merrier!
  7.  Don't say things like "I love this app!" or "I like to win this!"
  8.  Ask question(s) and win. Go go go!
  9.  Go ahead to Ask And Win!
  10. Winners will be chosen based on your questions (OR comment, review, feedback, suggestion) AND/OR by random draw.
  11. The more helpful or insightful your comments the better your chances of winning!
  12. Winners will be announced in two weeks.

⭕Some Interesting Use Cases

✅ Digital Agencies can use it to find clients.

✅ SaaS businesses find customers from Reddit.

✅ Sales teams to book more meetings from Reddit.

✅ Reddit Marketers to automate their Reddit lead generation process.

⭕Why choose Promotee?

✅ Get the list of leads in a few clicks.

✅ An automated messaging system helps you reach more people at once.

✅ Helps get more than a 30% response rate.

✅ Optimized for a better Reddit Marketing experience.

✅ Modern UI-based inbox than message threads like Reddit private message.

✅ Available on a lifetime deal for a limited period of time.

⭕Useful Links😇

✅ 🛒Deal link:

✅ Free Account:

✅ KnowledgeBase:

✅ Roadmap:

✅ Support:

✅ Discord Community: